Needing a midweek break, we decided to find a quiet place to just chill out and get away from the noise of the city. We had seen DeTuinen on Facebook and made an enquiry. They were very quick to respond to the email and we were booked to go away, it was a fast and friendly process. They have a few rooms with a walled-in courtyard and you can book these units if you want to bring your Furkids (dogs) with you, we were able to take our three small dogs with us (Schnauzers).

DeTuinen is situated on the outer limits of the village of Rosendal and you have wonderful views of the mountains and farmlands over the small river that runs in front of the hotel. You quickly get the sense that you are in the country and far away from your worries. There’s a lot to do outdoors and we had many walks with the dogs, trying to keep up with them as they picked up smells and tracks of the local farm animals in the area and rushed off to do what dogs do.

The rooms are very spacious. Our three dogs beds fitted in well without being underfoot and we had a lovely king size bed with crisp linen and a large on suite bathroom. Our room also had a wonderful coffee pod machine and a stone fireplace- we had all we needed for a quiet country getaway.

We found Rosendal to be a very pet-friendly town and encountered many dogs on our walks and trips to the restaurants and shops. Our three dogs were welcome to join us wherever we went. We ate delicious breakfast waffles at Benjamin’s every morning and also had an early supper there with traditional country fair from the menu. Benjamin’s sells a range of items from books to handmade fabrics, pottery dishes, pottery cups and some preserved goods. Spending some time looking through this you are bound to find something to take home to remind you of your wonderful getaway.

We also went to eat at Yolla’s Restaurant, a local dining establishment. This is an old stone building that, as we discovered, has quite a bit of history. We were not sure if it was the original town hall or general dealer store. The food was great and they stay open for supper and drinks where we had a lovely meal and our dogs enjoyed the passing dogs on their evening walks.

If you are looking to have a break away from the hustle and bustle of life in the city then DeTuinen Rosendal is the place for you. There is a calmness in the way the residents and shops run that just allows you to relax and go with the flow and honestly unwind.

Peter Commons